UPDATE – March 01, 2018

Oh my, we’ve been negligent – no updates for over 7 months – shame on us!  But, we have great news . . .  We’re going to start filming in May 2018 – yes, that’s right – in just a couple of months we start shooting.  Getting all the ducks lined up all in a row.  We want it to go smoothly.

We are starting to cast the extras we need for our Settlers/Town Folk and our Native American Indian Warriors.  It’s so exciting.  There’s so much talent in Texas – now you know why we love it here.

Check our “Auditions” page to see our upcoming casting search.

Check out our “Actors” page to see what Texas talent has joined us in this great endeavor.


UPDATE – July 26, 2017

Welcome to our first update.  We’re so excited to have you all here.  We have a couple of great news pieces to report – so here are some scoops for you:

  1.  Two of our actors have been selected and are going to be in the filming of the new Star Wars feature film, “Star Wars: Lost Horizons”:  Arthur Rodriguez will play the role of Sith Lord Siten and Sandy Dutchak will encompass the role of Jedi Knight Ferus Olin.  We congratulate them both and hope they break both legs!
  2. Our New Membership “PARATRACK POSSE” is now open.  We have two membership levels.  One level is FREE and the other is our ALL ACCESS.  What’s the difference you ask?  Well, with the FREE membership you have limited access.  You will find out when you try to access certain areas and they are not available to you.  The ALL ACCESS is exactly that . . . you can access all the pages we have made available to the public, plus you’ll get some backstage stuff that will not be available to the general public, i.e. pictures, clips, our actors responding directly to your questions, etc..  So, you ask, how much is this ALL ACCESS going to cost me?  It will cost you a mear $5.00 DONATION.  The money you pay for the ALL ACCESS goes to charity.  We want to help our community because our community supports us!  We just ask that you please, keep it clean – no kidding!

Thanks for coming by and we hope to keep you on top of everything we do.