Bryce C. Miller

Bryce C Miller is a humbled and committed man of Faith and a believer in Jesus Christ. He is also a devoted husband and father and has 4 kids that are grown and moved out. He is now enjoying his first grandchild.

He is a graduate of AMTC – Actors, Models and Talent for Christ. For over 17 years, Bryce performed as a night club and radio Disc Jockey in several metropolitan cities. He is also alumni from Stephen F. Austin State University. He has performed voice overs, character and cartoon voices, as well as accent voices for commercials and audio books. He has been acting for many years now and has played different roles in several local, indie and Christian films.

Bryce began his working career in the hospitality industry where he became a chef. It wasn’t long before his love of music would take him in a different direction and eventually win his time and talent. For over 10 years, Bryce was a children’s worship leader and vocalist at his home church. His passion for music landed him the lead role in the Christmas musical, Max’s Diner. Bryce has since filtered all of that through his love for Christ and now puts all of his energy into serving God and living out God’s will for his life. He makes it a point to walk through every door God opens, and that led him to his role as an 1800’s sheriff in the movie Paranormal Trackers: House of Ages.

Today he is an operations manager for a low voltage wiring company in the Houston area. He lives happily in Magnolia, Texas with God’s greatest blessing of 17 years, his wife Alice. Since recently becoming empty nesters, they both have answered God’s call on their lives to mentor and counsel marriages.